200percentGallery7This will be the last week of the 200% Gallery. Saturday 31 May at 18.00 we will close our doors at the Rozengracht 166 in Amsterdam.

On May 9, we opened our doors to host the exhibition, ‘Reijngold – The Raw Emotions of Halina Reijn’. The Toneelgroep Amsterdam actress, Halina Reijn, portrays a range of emotions with the use of her face and her body. The Iranian-born photographer, Rahi Rezvani, has made a raw and intense series in which Reijn dramatically expresses emotional states that range from ‘Shamed’ to ‘Lustful’ to ‘Psychotic’.

Originally, the series was only going to be printed in the book, but we were on cloud nine with the shoot’s results that the idea was born to exhibit the series in conjunction with the book launch.

On May 7, Reijn talked on Holland’s leading cultural TV-program, ‘De Wereld Draait Door’, about the launch of the 200% book and the exhibition. There was a lot of talk on social media about the exhibition and media coverage in the leading Dutch newspapers, most notably, the NRC. One of their journalists, Frits Abrahams, visited the show in the opening weekend and discussed the exhibition in his column on Monday. He praised how Rezvani’s had depicted Reijn, particularly, in the nude shots. “Rezvani has avoided any sense of sultriness, he is interested in the naked body, not the naked woman”, Abrahams wrote. He ended his column with, “Some of the small pictures possess the subtlety of a painted portrait”.

The media attention attracted further attention of people stopping by the Gallery to view the 20 visual arresting black and white pictures hanging on the Gallery walls.

If you not have been able to see the show we hope to welcome you this week. The Gallery is open between 9 – 31 May, 2014, from 12.00-18.00, Wednesday to Saturday. Address: Rozengracht 166, Amsterdam.

200percentGallery2PS: Halina Reijn and Rahi Rezvani have been so kind to personally sign some copies of the 200% Book. The copies will be sold at the 200% Gallery.