132 Special Edition covers

The new edition of 200% is published as a Limited Art Edition, hard-covered book of 1,000 copies. The cover of copy numbers 1-500 feature the Performance artist, Marina Abramovic. Copy numbers 501-1,000 feature the actress, Halina Reijn. Both women were photographed by Rahi Rezvani.

200% Content

As all artists featured in the book operate in the realms of the performing arts, the book’s content is divided as though they are segments of a performance.

Act 1: Marina Abramovic

Act 2: Halina Reijn

Act 3: Es Devlin

Encore: Sylvain Le Guen

Backstage: The Creation of the Artworks

More information on 200% Book and where you can purchase a copy: www.200-percent.com

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