2 Special Edition covers
The latest issue of 200% is published as a Limited Art Edition, hard-covered book of 1,000 copies. The cover of copy numbers 1-500 feature the Performance Artist, Marina Abramovic. Copy numbers 501-1,000 feature the actress, Halina Reijn. Both women were photographed by Rahi Rezvani.

200% Content
As all the artists featured in the book operate in the realms of the performing arts, the book’s content is divided as though they are segments of a performance.

Act 1: Marina Abramovic
Act 2: Halina Reijn
Act 3: Es Devlin
Encore: Sylvain Le Guen
Backstage: The Creation of the Artworks

200procent-2MA40-41Act 1: Marina Abramovic – To Die For
We interviewed the legendary Performance Artist, Marina Abramovic, on why she is willing to die for her art; why performances like ‘The Artist Is Present’ are more difficult to undertake than her ‘hardcore’ performances; her Higher self, and being in the Here and Now. In collaboration with the Serbian artist, we created a custom-made artwork, a 24-page Photo Family Album, of her extreme performances and personal life, for which she wrote photo captions.


Act 2: Halina Reijn – Inner Child
A 28-page photo series, titled ‘Reijngold – The Raw Emotions of Halina Reijn’, consists of 26 arresting images in which the actress portrays a range of emotions, using her face and her body, that range from ‘Shamed’ to ‘Lustful’ to ‘Psychotic’. Also, 200% attended a workshop that Reijn gave to a group of aspiring actors. We interviewed her about how she enabled that group of actors to act and how she explored and pushed their boundaries.

Act 3: Es Devlin – Creative Greed
The British set designer, Es Devlin, has created spectacular sets for Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and the sets for the London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony. Devlin gave 200% unfettered access to previews of her set designs and gained insight into how she operates. We spoke extensively with Devlin about the difference between performance design for pop music, theatre and opera; collaborating with pop artists, such as Kanye West and Take That; and how she tries to picture what will be the energy of the performance.


Encore: Sylvain Le Guen – Revelations
The fans of Sylvain Le Guen are a combination of ingenious creativity and extraordinary craftsmanship. For example, his creation of a fan based on a corset or a fan in which the ‘leaf’ was made up of five layers of perfume tester strips that were impregnated with Francis Kurkdjian’s perfumes. For 200%, he has created an exquisite fan made from the four previous print editions of 200%. This fan will be on display at the Gallery.


Backstage: The Creation of the Artworks
The background stories of how the Marina Abramovic Family Photo Album was compiled; Halina Reijn and Rahi Rezvani discuss their experiences of creating the series: ‘Reijngold; The Raw Emotions of Halina Reijn’; Sylvain Le Guen discusses the idea and materials he considered for making the 200% fan.

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