Music THE THE 2018 Comeback Special Tour book

Inside the official Tour Book

Towards the tail end of 2017, Matt Johnson, the front man of The The, shared with Thierry Somers, editor of 200%, his vision and plans to reactivate the band with a tour. The upcoming tour provided a wonderful opportunity to continue the series of interviews we had done in the past and add a new chapter.

When we were about to set a date for the interview Johnson suggested to kill two birds with one stone; could I interview him in one session about the tour for the 200% website and the official tour book programme? There was, though, more on his mind; would I like to be the designer and the guest editor of the tour book programme and interview the other band members and collaborators of the tour as well? Of course, I was delighted.

I always loved Johnson’s lyrics and I wanted the interview texts in the book to look like lyrics of an album in combination with John Claridge’s raw but soulful pictures of the band. Last Friday, at the first concert, the book was released and very well received. One fan wrote on the band’s Facebook page: “Best tour book I’ve bought for along time. Great read.” Another person posted on Instagram: “It’s a fine piece of work, content and visually”. We hope you will be able to purchase your own copy at one of the upcoming concerts and please share your thoughts on the tour book as well.

The The Band Line-up

Matt Johnson introducing the band members

Interviews with the four band members discussing The The’s music from their perspective as musicians and what it is like to play the music on their specific instrument.

The The in rehearsal

Tour itinerary

Interview with Matt Johnson discussing what made him decide to go on the road again, his expectations, his collaborators and the set list.

Written by Thierry Somers
Photography by John Claridge, Thomas Feiner (cover)