Michael Raedecker, Entry, 2014, Acrylic and thread on fabric, 130 x 106.5 x 4 cm. Grimm Gallery.

At Hauser and Wirth in London I visited ‘Volume’ a powerful body of work by the Dutch artist. Raedecker painted houses, chandeliers and wedding cakes in a subdued colours and combined them with embroidery. The stitching through the canvases sometimes emphasized the contours of the subjects or was randomly applied creating a mesmerizing 3D effect but also an unsettling feeling. Since two months, Grimm gallery can add Raedecker to its roster of artists. ‘Entry’ is a new work they showed at the fair. The first solo show is scheduled in September this year at the gallery.


Michael Raedecker, Volume, Hauser & Wirth, close-up of one of the canvases.

SaraVanDerBeek1Sara VanDerBeek, Foundation, Alabo Street, 2010 Ed. 2/6, Digital C-print 50.8 x 40.6 cm, Approach Gallery, London.

SaraVanDerBeek2Sara VanDerBeek, Foundation, Dorgenois Street, 2010 Ed. 3/6, Digital C-print 50.8 x 39.4 cm, Approach Gallery, London.

The surfaces reminded me of Peter Saville’s sleeve design for the Joy Division single ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. Saville and the photographer Trevor Key had a metal plate with the title of the song inscribed and left it outdoors to weather and corrode and then photograph it. VanDerBeek’s images are also affected by the weather, in fact severe weather; hurricane Katrina. These are abstract photographs of building foundations in New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward that supported the houses. The rough, scratchy surfaces are formed by nature. You feel the traces of concrete walls grating on the foundations and ripped away by the devastating storm.

KatjaKatja Mater, Composition of Light (Spectrum Print 02), 2015Negative and positive, 38 x 31 cm, Martin van Zomeren.

Katja2Katja Mater, Parallel Planes 19, 2013
Acrylic painting and two versions of multiple moments during the making of the acrylic painting: blue acrylic paint on yellow paper, 23.4 x 27.6 cm, c-prints, Martin van Zomeren.

Maaike1Maaike Schoorel, Candelas, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 55 x 45 cm, Stigter Van Doesburg.

PaulDeMayerPaul de Meyer, Covers, Geukens en De Vil.
It seems that the Antwerp based gallery is not ready with the installation of their booth as all the portfolio cases are still standing on the floor. However the portfolio cases are the works of art as the surfaces of these portfolio cases are made of real marble.

Art Rotterdam, until 8 February 2015