200percentmagMartinCreedMartin Creed, Work No. 1701, Digital film, 4.15 min, 2013, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Unlimited

A gripping film featuring disabled people crossing the road.

200percentmagsarahmorris200percentmagsarahmorris2 200percentmagsarahmorris1 Strange Magic, Sarah Morris, 2014, Air de Paris, Friedrich Petzel, White Cube, Unlimited

This film directed by artist Morris ends with a close up of bubbles in a champagne glass with the end credits superimposed on the footage. Morris’s visually striking almost 46 minutes long HD Digital film provides an insight into the production & manufacturing of luxury goods and the creative process of the building of the foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris designed by Frank Gehry. The set up and framing of the shots are original, the editing is dynamic and the music score by artist Liam Gillick is sonically very adventurous.

200percentmagGuntherUecker200percentmagGuntherUecker1Gunther Uecker, Sand Mill, conceived in 1969, created in 2014, Dominique Lévy Gallery, Unlimited

200percentmagIljaKarilampi2 200percentmagIljaKarilampi1 200percentmagIljaKarilampi‘Passages’ by Ilja Karilampi, Sandy Brown Gallery, Liste

At Liste, the fair dedicated exclusively to young art and new galleries, the Swedish artist presents a series of engraved and laser cut aluminium surfaces some with LED light fittings. The engravings are a collage of logos (Jaguar cars), urban dictionary terminology (OG Status: original gangster) and imagery from rap, gangsta, celebrity and popular culture. (The outback safari hat is part of the artist’s attire) The fences and crush barriers in these works make reference to exclusivity; will you gain access or not to enter exclusive domains such as night clubs, private clubs, backstage, executive lounges etc. Also, the European flag on one of the works in ‘Passages’, reminds us of the atrocities of the sea crossing of the migrants fleeing from Northern Africa to Europe, hoping to find a better future.

JonathanGardnerMaryMaryJonathan Gardner, Hanging Cord 2015, Oil on linen. Image courtesy The Artist; Mary Mary, Glasgow Mary Mary Gallery, Liste

200percentmagTillmansWolfgang Tillmans, Headlight (f) and Headlight (d), inktjet print on paper in artist’s frame, 2012, Maureen Paley, Art Basel

Two photographs by Wolfgang Tillmans which feature in his recently published book ‘The Cars’. Although cars are omnipresent in our society, according to Tillmans, in photography as a subject, they rarely are. The artist wanted to show how cars appear in daily street view and interact with the environment around them. The book should be considered as a tribute to the shapes and forms of cars. Art Basel

200percentmagMatthewDayJacksonMatthew Day Jackson, Dymaxion Figure with Head of a Woman, 2014, Bronze, Hauser & Wirth, Art Basel

200percentmagLeeUfanLee Ufan, From Line No. 7, 780186, Oil on canvas, 1978, Art Basel

200percentmagDavidKordanskyRashid Johnson, Flavor Man, 2015, bronze panel, black soap, wax, 2015, David Kordansky Gallery, Art Basel