200% Book Halina Reijn cover


The 200% Book will be published as a Limited Art Edition, hard-covered book of 1,000 copies. The cover of copy numbers 1-500 feature the Performance Artist, Marina Abramovic. Copy numbers 501-1,000 feature Halina Reijn. The content of the book wil be the same. The book features interviews with performance artist Marina Abramovic (renowned for her retrospective at the MoMA ‘The Artist Is Present’), actress Halina Reijn (La Voix Humaine, director of the film ‘Instinct’), set designer Es Devlin (Lady Gaga, Kanye West, U2, Rolling Stones), fan designer Sylvain Le Guen. 132 pages, printed on Hello fat Matt 1.3 Ivory paper and the cover on Napura Pura, beige.