Art Frieze Masters 2016

Impressions from the fair.

rodinrodin2Auguste Rodin, Le Baiser, Second Reduction, Bowman Sculpture
Auguste Rodin, L’Eternel Printemps, Second Reduction, Bowman Sculpture

vigeeMarie Louise Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun, Portrait believed to be Ekaterina Skavronskaia, comtesse Litta, Robilant + Voena

soulagesPierre Soulages, Applicat-Prazan

nicholsonBen Nicholson, Painting 1943, Richard Green

margueriteRené Magritte, The Dominion of Light, 1949, Dickinson

closeChuck Close, Keith, 1972, Craig F Starr Gallery

manray1 manrayMan Ray, Sies + Höke

ruschaEd Ruscha, Gagosian

avedonRichard Avedon, Nastassja Kinski and the serpent, 1981, Bernheimer
Horst P Horst, Muriel Maxwell, 1939, Bernheimer (opening picture)

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