The making of ‘Reijngold – The Raw Emotions of Halina Reijn’ by Rahi Rezvani.


Halina Reijn Exhibition
In conjunction with the Book’s launch, 200% will open a Pop-Up Gallery. A series of images from the Halina Reijn photo shoot, which features in the Book, will be exhibited at the Gallery, on the Rozengracht, in the heart of the Jordaan area of Amsterdam.

The series, titled ‘Reijngold – The Raw Emotions of Halina Reijn’, consists of 20 arresting images. The Toneelgroep Amsterdam actress portrays a range of emotions with the use of her face and her body. The Iranian-born photographer, Rahi Rezvani, has made a raw and intense series in which Reijn dramatically expresses emotional states that range from ‘Shamed’ to ‘Lustful’ to ‘Psychotic’. In the backstage section of the 200% book, Reijn comments on the end result of the series saying: “There is more of me than has previously been seen in any of the shoots that I have ever done.”

200procent-12200% Fan
Also on display will be the 200% fan made by Sylvain Le Guen. The French fan designer pushes the boundaries of fan making. He has created other breathtaking fans, including a fan consisting of perfume tester cards for the perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian; a fan based on Matryoshka Russian dolls; and the creation of 29 fans for Sofia Coppola’s film, ‘Marie-Antoinette’.

For 200%, Le Guen has created an exquisite fan made from the four previous print editions of the publication. The fan consists of square and lozenge shapes that he extracted from the printed issues of the magazine. Unfolded, the fan will measure one metre wide by half a metre high.

Opening hours
The 200% Gallery has been closed.

Pictures: Reijngold Rahi Rezvani, fan Cedric Pinchon